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Forum Rules

Post by KrisKross on Mon Aug 24, 2015 11:42 pm

Rules for the forums

1.) Think before you post. If you're just posting to be a fuckwad, your post will be removed, and you will get warned.

2.) No porn, it's against terms of service, and it's offensive to most. Insta Ban. :/

3.) No spam. If I catch any spam you're getting banned.

4.) Don't flame on here. We want to keep this site as friendly as possible.

5.) Keep the salt to a minimum. Salt is fine, but if you start getting annoying with it, you'll be warned, and eventually banned if it continues.

6.) If you want rank, you'll have to earn it. Don't ask or, you'll be ignored.

7.) No using multiple accounts to fool people.

"Breaking the rules will result in warnings, in most cases. 3 warnings will result in a ban, and the length of that ban will be based on the severity of the offenses." ~Lord Fuse (Favorite Fuckboy :])


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